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I guess by now you've heard about my lack of direction. Almost thirty years ago I began a quest for enlightenment, a journey. Somewhere along the way I woke up in Mississippi and it seems like everywhere I go here I am, so I guess I'm going to have to make the best of it. What I'm going to do here is try to remember how I got here and pass some of it along to you. For some I may jog old memories. For those of you too young to remember maybe I can be a little educational. I hope to amuse you at times and entertain but most of all I want to make you all think because no matter how far we've come there's still a long way to go. We thought we were going to change the world and maybe we did a little but it seems we've lost some ground in recent years. Peace, love and happiness, the dream is still alive. 

 The Littlest Hippie

Christmas Day 2003 my daughter went into labor. She wasn't due until April 20, 2004. They managed to delay the birth until December 29th. Her son was born 7:09 PM only 24 weeks into the pregnancy weighing one pound eight ounces. The above link goes to my grandson's page.

On Being a Hippie How and why I became a hippie. Maybe.

The 60's The times they were a changin'

Hippie History Had a lot of request for information on the beginning of the hippie movement. This is what I've come up with so far. I'm not through working on it so there will be more later.

Woodstock Three days of peace and music.

Woodstock Memories -  I'm looking for interesting stories from people that were there. If you think you have something unusual send it to me and I will post the best ones.

Photo Albums  If you have original photos that you think help represent the sixties and would like to have them included here let me know. The first will be Bill Berko's albums of Woodstock 69 and an Anti-War Demonstration in New York City.

Journey to The Farm The Old Hippie made a trip to Unity Fest at The Farm, a commune in Tennessee. Here's the story.

Native Americans The first hippies?

 You Know You're an Old Hippie New page of observances that comes with age. Anyone wanting to contribute your observances let me know.

The Old Hippie's Store  People have been asking me where to find books, music, videos and other items from the Sixties so I've done some research and set up some links where you can buy items from and others. Just getting started but will add more as I get the time.

The Old Hippie was selected to a part of a school project by a class in Germany. Anyone wishing to communicate with the students can contact the teacher Boris Loske at or visit his website Boris Loske Home. The students are very interested in communicating with others. Especially those of us that were there during the hippie movement of the sixties. They have drawn a picture of their impression of me based on this web site. To see the picture that they drew  Click Here .
Some things make you proud. Some things make you humble. Occasionally there will be something that can do both at the same time. This became one one of those things when I first saw  the web page from this project. It's been one of those experiences I will never forget and actually putting faces with the names has meant a lot. Seeing the smiles on those faces while we spent our time in the chat room is priceless. I thank all of them for allowing me to participate in this project.

I know they have been working on the web page and it is sometimes down so if you can't get to it from the link above
click here
and you will see a page I put together with pictures and some of the writing from the web page.

The Old Hippie had a cool happening. The Orion Society by their description is dedicated "To heal the fractured relationship between people and nature by undertaking educational programs and publications that integrate all aspects of the relationship: the physically immediate, the analytical and scientific, the inspirational and creative". They publish a magazine called Orion Afield and in their summer issue there is a profile on communities that work to preserve the ecology. The Farm in Tennessee is one of them. One of my photos taken while I was visiting The Farm was published with the article. 

The Old Hippie would like to encourage everyone to begin signing their messages
PEACE!~pass it on~
Who knows maybe we can make peace popular again.

Click on the banner to visit the new PEACE!~pass it on~ web site and join the cause.

Hippie Links

The Hippie's Old But Far Out Loft Come on in, take your shoes off and rest a spell. This is another of my friend Annette's pages. She'll be glad to see you.

FunnyLady This is my friend Barbara from back home in Louisiana. Check out her Holocaust page.

  I didn't make Woodstock but this is a festival that I did make.
San Francisco Heart Relive the Summer of Love.
The Old Hippie's Page Another old hippie not this one. Must see!! Excellent links.
Hippie Haven If you've ever wondered if you're a hippie take the quiz and you'll know.
Tye Dye Dave's Hippie Gift Shop Some of you have asked where to find Hippie stuff. Well this is the place. Cool Hippie links too.
The Grateful Dead Ultimate hippie band.
Hippy Land Best Hippie site I've seen. 
Hipster's Homepage This is not a typical hippie page but I had to post it because it is such an incredible story of survival. David leads you through years of addiction and severe physical injuries.
Robert Altman's Photo Gallery Not exactly a hippie link but it's the best photo archive of the sixties that I've ever seen.
The Farm A commune established in 1971 and is still functioning today.
The Rainbow Family People who believe in Peace and Love and are dedicated to carrying on the beliefs of the Native Americans and Old Hippies too. As they say a hippie by any other name . . . .
Other Hippie Links More Hippie Links that I've found.

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