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Subject: Woodstock 1969
From: bobbi <>
Organization: Ladybear's Den
To: JimGreenlee <>

Hi Jim,

    In August of 1969 i was one of my cross country jaunts with my best friend, Bonnie. we found out that Bonnie's little sister was getting married and we had to get back for the quick wedding. it was just by twist of fate that brought us back to the east coast at that time. When we got back to New Jersey we went to Greenich Village in NYC. i remember seeing a flyer stuck up on a wall in a Head Shop on St Marks Place. it read all these far out names on it and told about how to get tickets to the festival. i don't even remember where i bought the tickets, but i did get four 3 day passes.we got up there early enough to get parked near the site and not stuck in any traffic. we hiked over to the Hog Farm camp and set up a plastic lean to and figured that would be our base camp. wandering around the site was a trip, it seemed so HUGE. but when i go there now, i see it really wasn't that big of a place. the distances between the Hog Farm camp and the stage was only about 1/4 mile or so.
there were people everywhere and everyone was happy. smiling and connecting and reaching out to each other. i remember going into the Hog Farm camp and getting on one of the buses and asking them what the pictures were they had in the windows of the bus. they were pictures of some blue guy playing a flute and i knew i had seen weird things like that before, but didn't know what they meant. the folks on the bus told us about Krishna and Shiva and that all the pictures were from India.
~*~FaR~OuT~*~ we thought :-)
    There was something going on all the time and people were sharing everything. pictures of Maher Baba were tacked up to trees everywhere and it all felt very safe to me. i knew i was HOME with these people. yes, it was uncomfortable in the mud. yes, i wanted a hot shower. but we didn't starve, we had a blast, we dried out our clothes, we picked up some hitchikers on the way out,and we made it into the movie! so all in all it was one of the best experiences of my life and i'm happy to say I WAS AT WOODSTOCK!

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